Monday, November 8, 2010


The ladies and lads of the Pencil Factory studios invite you back to their stomping grounds in Greenpoint Brooklyn following that annual melee of drunken debauchery and finger foods (skewers!) that is American Illustration...

In honor of our esteemed colleague Sam Weber having landed this year's cover, we're throwing the after party in the shadow of our humble studios at Veronica People's Club, owned and operated by the same people who brought you Heather's (so for the squeamish, it'll be just like being in Manhattan, but in Brooklyn)... The venerable Zach O'Hora and less venerable Ted McGrath will DJ timeless chestnuts and obscuro nuggets of the party variety til the wee hours... join us, networking not required...

Directions: Hail a cab. Tell driver to go to Greenpoint and Franklin in Greenpoint.

Via subway: L to Bedford Ave, G to Greenpoint, but just take a cab.

Click here to see VPC on google maps, or here if you need to see it on facebook for some reason.

Flier by Jennifer Daniel.

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