Friday, February 13, 2009

Animation Mess Around #1

Super short animation test based on some recent drawings, they're probably headed for a new zine... this is may or may not grow into something larger as i can't tell if it's elegant in its minimalism or minimal on elegance...


  1. I find this to be v. Rocky & Bullwinkle for some reason.

  2. yeah you're so right, total bullwinkle vibe! the professor peabody wayback machine intro ?? when i think about it now, that was probably the first time I ever saw the most hackneyed cartoon device ever -- the too fast, shoddily animated, deliberately convoluting science explanation. but like many things, i think it's safe to say TED'S GONNA PULL IT OFFFF. (note lines, brain, hat, more lines, bubbles, muscles, all looking VERY SCIENTIFIC!)